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Celebrating 50 Years

Help Us Celebrate

The NMSDC 50th Anniversary is about both celebrating the past 50 years of growing MBEs and reigniting the promise of our founding as we look toward a future committed more than ever to creating greater economic equity and closing the racial wealth gap for systemically excluded communities of color.

Ours is a collective narrative of determination and resilience. But within that are the individual stories of courage, inspiration … and the moments that changed everything. And we ask that you share yours with us.

Please record a quick video (less than two minutes) sharing one of the following topics:

  • What is your favorite memory from a past NMSDC Annual Conference & Exchange?
  • Why do you belong to and engage with NMSDC regularly?
  • What do you hope to see NMSDC and its network accomplish in the next 50 years?


Thank you for stepping up and speaking out to help us celebrate NMSDC’s anniversary as we disrupt the status quo and build a more equitable economic future for all!

And check out the voices from the NMSDC network below!

Voices from the NMSDC Network