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Tuesday, May 9, 2023

Mainstage Sessions & Equity Honors

Opening Remarks and Kickoff

Jose Mas, CEO, MasTec
Ying McGuire, CEO and president, NMSDC
Francis Suarez, mayor, City of Miami

Minority Owned Businesses: Achieving the American Dream

Marco Rubio, U.S. Senator, Florida

The Breakers of Historical Economic Injustice: Leading by Example

Founders and CEOs from all ethnic backgrounds share stories about their debut in entrepreneurship and building multi-billion dollar minority-owned enterprises while giving back to and creating generational wealth for systematically excluded communities of color. 
Jim H. Lowry, CEO and founder, James H. Lowry Associates
Soo Kim, chairman, Bally's
Firoz Lalji, chairman and CEO, Zones
Jose Mas, CEO, MasTec

Corporate Plus Induction

Inductees included:

Enrique Arbelaez, CIEN+
Bernard Williams, Fidelity Print Communications
Mustafa Khan, IMCS Group
Venkat Mantha, Indotronix
Romeen Sheth, Metasys Technologies
Max Navarro III, OpTech
Jason J. Robertson, Planned Packaging of Illinois Corporation (PPOIC)
Hector Quintanar, Trade Management Solutions (TMS)

The Breakers of Historical Economic Injustice: Rising Above Uncertain Times

Solutioning for challenges caused by lingering COVID-19, inflation, potential recession, and unprecedented geopolitical issues to ensure minority businesses prevail in uncertain times.
Jorge A Plasencia, co-founder, chairman & CEO, Republica Havas
Alessandro (Sandro) DiNello, chief executive officer, Flagstar Bank
Robert Verostek, chief financial officer, Denny's

The Transformation of Athletes into Business Leaders and Wealth Creators

Hear how former world-class athletes transitioned from sports to business by leveraging strategic partnerships with minority business leaders, generating opportunities and wealth creation in communities of color.
Cris Carter, chairman, CB Tech
Adam Walker, chairman and CEO, Summit Packaging Solutions

Closing Remarks

Special Video Appearance by:
Ivy McGregor, executive director, BeyGOOD Foundation
Pauline Gebon, vice president of member success, NMSDC

The Equity Honors Awards Dinner

Opening Remarks
Katie Phang, host of the Katie Phang Show, MSNBC

Matt Johanson, senior vice president - chief ESG and social impact officer, Discover Financial Services

Wednesday, May 10, 2023

Mainstage Sessions

Opening Remarks

Ying McGuire, CEO and president, NMSDC


The Ebb and Flow of Equity and Capital

Reimagining the capital ecosystem to ensure access and a rising tide that lifts all minority businesses.
Uriridiakoghene “Ulili” Onovakpurico-managing partnerKapor Capital
Jay Calhoun, founder and managing partner, Apis Holdings + Inter Tribal
Luis Zaldivar, cofounder and managing partnerAvance Investment Management, LLC
Jim Reynolds, founder and CEO, Loop Capital

NMSDC Capital Manager Program

Travis Barnes, global co-head of capital markets, Barclays
Harvey Butler, director, global head of supplier diversity, Barclays
Kurt Trevan, entrepreneur in residence, NMSDC

Waves of Generational Wealth Building through Business Diversity

Champion corporate board members and c-suite leaders share what sustainable, lasting, and generational change looks like through the movement from supplier diversity to business diversity.
Special Video Appearance by:
Deirdre Bosa, anchor of "TechCheck", CNBC
Cesar Conde, chairman, NBC Universal News Group
Mellody Hobson, president and co-CEO, Ariel Investments

John Rogers, chairman, co-CEO, and chief investment officer, Ariel Investments

Don Liu, chief legal officer, Target Corporation
Ed Walters, chief operating officer, Lincoln Financial

Gerald Youngblood, chief marketing officer, Lenovo North America, Lenovo (United States)

A State of Transformation: The New Fuel of Emerging Markets and Technology

A once in a generation of federal investment is fueling unprecedented opportunities for minority businesses to develop new capabilities and partnerships in order to build the industries of tomorrow.
Don Cravins, Jr., under secretary of commerce for minority business development, MBDA
Henry Cisneros, co-founder and chairman, American Triple I, former secretary, U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, former mayor, City of San Antonio
Mitch Landrieu, senior advisor and infrastructure coordinator, The White House

A State of Transformation: From Business Leaders to Wealth Creators

Hear how Corporate Procurement leaders are intentionally generating opportunities for minority businesses to grow and create generational wealth in communities of color.
Ann Ramakumaran, CEO, Ampcus

Jim Connell, chief procurement officer, JP Morgan Chase
Brian Downer, chief procurement officer and executive vice president, Truist 

Farryn Melton, chief procurement officer, Bristol-Myers Squibb
Patricia Miller, chief procurement officer, Accenture

Closing Remarks

Ying McGuire, CEO and president, NMSDC
Maura Pally, executive director, Blackstone Charitable Foundation 

May 8-10, 2023

Photography from The Forum

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